Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is often called "the silent killer" since this chronic condition initially has very mild symptoms, but can lead to long-term diseases and serious complications. In fact, anyone with moderate to severe HTN also falls into a high-risk group for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Many times when HTN goes untreated or uncontrolled it can cause too much stress on the heart to the point that it can collapse. Statistically it has been found that three in every five people who die of a heart attack have previously suffered from hypertension. Get in control of your health and talk to your doctor about your risk for HTN. The booklet published by the American Society Hypertension: Blood Pressure & Your Health is also a great resource.

Promising Technology for HTN

The AESCULON® Hypertension Clinic™ is a noninvasive cardiovascular monitor which employs the hemodynamic measurement methods important for supporting diagnosis and therapy of hypertension (HTN). Use of noninvasive hemodynamic monitors has proven to be not only safer, but also more cost-effective in both short and long-term cases, compared to standard treatment of uncontrolled hypertension. This monitor enhances assessment of HTN by analyzing not only blood pressure, but also cardiac function, flow parameters, and thoracic fluid. FDA approved since 2008, the AESCULON® Hypertension Clinic™ has been validated against standard methods and proven to be accurate.

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